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Hanon Systems Hungary Kft.
Hanon Systems Hungary Kft.
Position: IT Developer
Job Summary / Objective:
Responsible for developing, maintaining and supporting different IT programs, databases for the whole plant in line with the business requirements. Provide continuous support for users in the operation of production, business applications, ERP and business support systems.
Job responsibilities:
  •  Develop different programs and systems to serve the production and the whole plant operation
  •  Support the new investments and technology changes (digitalization, robot technology, automatization) that Alba Plant faces
  •  Develop the new IT infrastructure in line with the new business environment
  •  Maintain the current local IT systems in different departments (Production, Logistics, Security, Finance, HR, Purchasing..etc.)
  •  Prepare root cause analysis and solutions to assure no repeat incidents to occur.
  •  College/University degree in Information Technology
  •  5+ years experience in Information Technology
  •  specific knowledge in programming SQL, C#, ASPX, MS Access + Visual Basic Application, Excel + VBA
  •  Wide IT overview (servers, EUC, LAN/WAN, communications, MES, DB applications, ERP etc.)
  •  Fluent English communication
  •  Ability of Production Process understanding
  •  Good communication skills
  •  Customer focused
  •  Good problem solving skill
  •  Good analytical thinking
If you are interested in this position, please visit Hanon Career Portal and apply for the position!

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IT Developer

Munkavégzés helye: Fejér megye / Székesfehérvár
Hanon Systems Hungary Kft.
Hanon Systems Hungary Kft.
Munkaidő: Teljes Munkaidő
Kategória: IT support / Helpdesk
Programozó / Fejlesztő
Vállalatirányítási rendszer / SAP